Angkor Wat

Andy here!  Sam and I had an epic day in Siem Reap, home to Angkor Wat and many other surrounding temples.  Here’s a tiny snippet of the epicness from over 1000 years ago, all built by man, stone on stone, without mortar.

These stairs are 75 degrees to make you humble. CRAZY climb.


with our guide Mr. Sopheap

... just a piece of 50-100 meter long stone carvings of Hindu epics at Angkor Wat

these dancers will be dancing as long as Ankor Wat stands

We also want to send a big shout out to Roger and the whole team at The Blue Pumpkin Cafe in Phnom Penh for being so hospitable and friendly.  It was the first place we played in Cambodia and we ate there every day of our trip.  Delicious!  ~~~

We are now on the way to Timor Leste via Singapore.  We’ll be posting the evening after we start workshops and concerts, coming up.  Stay tuned and thanks for all of your support and positive thoughts, we feel them!

Note from Stash: Eric and I visited the very powerful Tuoll Sleng Prison and The Khmer Rouge Killing Fields just outside of Phnom Penh.  This was definitely a real experience and I encourage anybody and everybody to read about what happened between 1975 and 1979 in Cambodia.

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We are a Boston-based band that travels the Earth spreading groovy musical vibes.

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  1. So much history and amazing ruins. IDK, those stairs were intense. Did they have to climb on their knees? The monkeys were cooL! You might have trouble clearing customs with one of those critters. Good to have a day off and see the sights. Good times at your next workshop!

  2. Siem Reap pics took my breath away!

  3. So awesome that you got to go to Angkor Wat! I definitely enjoyed the pics, thanks for sharing them. There’s a really interesting book that your travels are reminding me of:

  4. jonathan Englander

    Look like you boys are having a great time on the rest of your trip. Soak up SE Asia for all it’s worth (and it’s worth quite a bit) and look me up the next time you pass through Bangkok.

    — Your Intrepid Bangkok Guide.

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