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The Earth Stringband’s self-titled album is free to download, copy, or listen to in any way you want for personal use!   (Please contact us @ for other uses such as film)  Share it with your friends and family!

If you wish to donate to The Earth Stringband for the album, please find the button below the download links.  If you have any trouble downloading, please email  Thanks for listening!  Have fun!  This page is currently under construction…


Full Album Links will open a new window to download the album as a zip file.
Full Album in 320kbps MP3s (~56 MB) (best for MP3 player or computer)
The Earth Stringband – 9 Tracks – Full Album (zip file) – 320kbps MP3s

Full Album in 192kbps MP3s (~34 MG) (smallest files for MP3 player or computer)
The Earth Stringband 9 Tracks – Full Album (zip file) – 192kbps MP3s 

Full Album in CD Quality AIFFs (2 files ~ 245 MB) (use for burning a CD)
The Earth Stringband – CD Quality AIFFs – 1 of 2
The Earth Stringband – CD Quality AIFFs – 2 of 2

Individual Tracks in 320kbps MP3s:
Download these tracks by saving them to your computer (right click or control click the link and save it to your computer.  You can also listen in your browser by clicking the link. 

The Earth Stringband – 1 – Boatsman (Traditional, 2:34)
The Earth Stringband – 2 – She Left Me Standing On A Mountain (J. McReynolds, 2:10)
The Earth Stringband – 3 – Erhu Stomp (A. Reiner, S. Wyslouch, 2:32)
The Earth Stringband – 4 – Can’t You Hear Them Wolves ‘A Howling (Traditional, 2:57)
The Earth Stringband – 5 – Cotton Eyed Joe (Traditional, 1:55)
The Earth Stringband – 6 – Before You Go (B. Owens/D. Rich, 2:19)
The Earth Stringband – 7 – Daemon’s Winder (Traditional, 2:17)
The Earth Stringband – 8 – You Win Again (H. Williams, 3:45)
The Earth Stringband – 9 – The Kelp Dance (A. Reiner, 4:29)

~ ~ ~

Sam Grisman – Bass, Vocals
Andy Reiner – Fiddle, Vocals
Eric Robertson – Mandolin, Vocals
Stash Wyslouch – Guitar, Vocals

Recorded Live in Boston, MA in 2011
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Andy Reiner, Fiddle Barn Productions

~ ~ ~

While we are offering this full album for free download in order to reach as many people as possible from around the world, we are full time musicians who make our livings entirely from music.  We poured our hearts, souls, and time into making this music.  – so if you wish to help support us, we are providing this Donate button and we greatly appreciate your support.  Your money goes directly to the band and their livelihood.

  1. Thank you for creating and playing such kind – fun – fabulous music from the heart! Each of you are extremely talented and obviously hard working musicians! May prosperity and many good times keep coming your way!! Safe and grand adventures to you all!
    ~ Cheers and kind regards ~ Annette

  2. Marianne Gallanagh

    Hi guys 🙂 a couple of you were in an Irish bar in Charleston, South Carolina in the summer and I heard you play your fiddles – it was amazing, really enjoyed it! You played a piece and it was like really celtic sounding, you like alternated between the two of you and sounded a bit like improv. at parts – I was wondering what this piece is called?

  3. Sabaidee Earth StringBand,

    I was at the Ambassador’s Residence last night. It was my first time with Blue Grass Music and I was very impressed. You guys are excellent and very professional. I felt like you guys performed from your hearts. 🙂

    I’ll see you guys at the Cultural Hall.

    Have a wonderful time in Laos.

    Onny ^_^

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing us your good & funny songs. I was also there last night watching your shows live in Vientaine. Excellent job done by you guys!

  5. Thank you for such s beauti fun song

  6. i love that song called Let me fall where can i download that song please, i am a student from Mae Fah Laung University

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