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  2. I love traditional music and I bet the people you meet along the way will never forget their stop along the Rhythm Road.

  3. Have fun, and take care of yourselves.

  4. Sounds like the food has been top notch! When you find that awesome beer, be sure to post. Raise the colors for us on 9-11.

  5. Hey Ya’ll!
    All the best from me, sitting in soon-to-be cold-as-fork Sweden!
    I had an awesome US trip due to you guys! I hope this message finds you well and wishes all the best for you on your quite amazing trip!
    Peace out gangsters, and see you somewhere under the sun!
    – Kindly, Thyge from Denmark (who’s actually in Sweden right now)

  6. Thanks for sharing your awesome music last night at the Culture Hall in Vientiane! The Earth String Band definitely rocked the house!

  7. For today is very good.
    I like your songs

  8. Thank you to visit us. We hope you are enjoy and comeback very soon.
    From Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University Phitsanulok.

  9. Hi !!The Eart string band I’m Neana
    Today I’m very happy and I like your song so much.
    I hope U comeback to met We again.
    good luck for you (:D).

  10. Buen viaje ESB!!! Keep your spirit, Stash I Love You.
    Dora (Stash’s mother)

  11. Cotton-Eyed Joe! Just like Andy learned it at age 6… What a great trip so far!

    Dave Reiner

  12. You’re all impress us. Your music is a charm.
    Hope to see u again. 🙂

    Voice from Chiang Rai, Fay

  13. Dear Eric, Sam, Stash, and Andy

    For tonight, I got lots of fun and fully happiness from this brilliant concert! I’d like to really thank you for come to Thailand, now I know the culture music exchanging is exist and makes people having lots of happiness!! 😀 Thank you!!

    Danke,спасибо, Merci, Khob-khun-mak-ka! 😀
    Take care all you guys!

    Tata, little fan from Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand :)))

    PS. I wish too see your performance again soon!

  14. Dear you guys,
    I’m very happy to met you in Thailand! Hope to see you again.
    Thanit T.

  15. Thanks for the pictures and videos! I can’t believe a vegetable could ever be that hot. If I ever go on an elephant ride, I’ll make sure the guide clears away the chickens first. As for the crickets, I’ll take your word on that one.

  16. Hi Guys!
    Loving the Blog!! You are bringing such great, positive energy to your adventures and your adventures are giving back in kind. Music and Dance – such beautiful languages . . .
    Play on . . .
    We are in the final weeks of paperwork before our trip to Kosovo, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Turkey for the month of November – You are setting a high bar for blogging and we’re being inspired!
    Much Peace & Love to you all in your travels,
    John & Trish

  17. i`m a oriental girl in south korea, i had a good time in the sori festival park of junju
    i think earthstringband is a funny band.

    i wish to see you again!!!

    good luck!!!!

  18. Hi Guys,

    Just came across your blog and enjoyed the videos and stories. I have 3 of the large sculptures from the guys who sell them outside the Castaway. They are wonderful and are made on Atauru, the island you can see from the Dili waterfront. Are you coming to Australia? We could do some fund raisers for projects in Timor Leste.
    I’ve been to Timor Leste twice 2008/2009 and love the place and the people. Thanks for reminding me what a great place it is!! Kerrina from Shoalhaven Heads, NSW, Australia

  19. Can’t wait your upcoming Sunday’s performance
    at National Folk Museum of Korea, but I’ll be waiting. 🙂
    I’ll be there to enjoy the performance and to write a short article about your team and music.
    And, if possible, I’d like to interview you and listen to your story that’s been going on with the project, The Rhythm Road.
    Hope you enjoy your time in Korea,
    See ya all soon! 🙂

    Arang Yu,
    a member of 6th Youth Coordinators, American Center Korea

  20. Please come to South Korea again!

    I really love your music! ❤

  21. roger parreno - Phils,

    Thank you!

    Your STRING will Band the EARTH. That’s for SURE!

    Hope to see you around with more melodies, Very inspiring music. Amazing!

    the blue pumpkin

  22. Loved your show at NatGeo!

  23. Im just catching up with you as you end your tour / but I can tell I’m in for a treat. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience and the music with the world!

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