Chili peppers in Phitsanulok/ Elephants in Chang Rai!

Hello folks this is Eric here to tell ya about our last couple days in beeeeeautiful Thailand! We finished our time in Phitsanulok with a live TV broadcast on saturday afterrnoon- big thanks to our intimate studio audience, radiantly friendly host, and sound/ film crew for a great show! Big ups to Izaak from the US embassy for killin’ the interview. After the show we changed outta our fancy clothes and geared up for the five hour drive to Chang Rai- on our way out Dang, Administrator at Pibulsongkram Ragaphat Univerisity, gave us two big bags of small bananas for the drive (it seems like the longer we’re here, the smaller the bananas get and the smaller the bananas get, the better they taste!)

Driving through the mountainous Thailand country was a nice break after all the gigs, and we stopped at the nicest little outdoor restaurant for come chronic home cookin. We were the only people at the place and toward the end of the meal, I thought it was about time for a chili pepper eating contest. I’m not one for super super spicy foods, but Andy and Stash were ready to compete to see who was the real man of the Earth String Band. I took to the position of referee/ cameraman and ohhh boy did I get some footage (check out the video below).

We awoke in Chang Rai this morning for our day off and set out to ride Elephants through a little village, the name of which I can’t remember or probably spell. After a half hour boat ride,  we jumped onboard the elephants (never thought I’d get to say that) and began our hour long journey, though it wasn’t long before some serious turbulence. We were on four elephants marching in a row when suddenly the first elephant was scared by some chickens, which caused the second elephant (Sam and Izaak) to charge at the first, which then caused the third elephant (me and Stash) to turn around and run in the other direction. It was terrifying and totally awesome. We continued through the village for an hour and then fed the elephants bamboo and bananas upon our return.

We departed the elephant camp to check out the Longneck Hill Tribe- I’ll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. That’s all for now, I’m all full of fried Thai street food and coconut ice cream, and we wake up early tomorrow for a music school workshop followed by an evening concert at Mae Fah Luang University. Ra tee sa was! (good night!)

Delicious Food from a Chiang Rai night food stall

About The Earth Stringband

We are a Boston-based band that travels the Earth spreading groovy musical vibes.

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to Thailand! Our family enjoyed getting to hear/see you at Mae Fuh Luang University. We are originally from Greenville, SC, but have lived in Chiang Rai since 2005. We took our kids – all 5 of ’em – to Bluegrass concerts every Tuesday night during the Spring and Summer months. We had “Music on the Mountain” at Roper Mt. each week. It was great meeting several (3 of the 4) after the concert. You guys were a blessing not only to us, but to the Thai people as well. Take care!

  2. Nice blog post, Eric! I want to see the videos, though. Where are they?
    Cindy (Andy’s mom)

  3. it was soooooo great ,you guys came to mae fah luang ..chiangrai .
    we all love ur band so much

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