Youngdong Nangye Traditional Music Festival

Andy here for a quick update!  The tour is nearing its end, and The Earth Stringband is still cranking out tunes harder than ever!  Our schedule has been so full of playing and traveling it’s been hard to post as often on here as we’d like!  Yesterday in Youngdong, we played at the epic Nangye Traditional Music Festival.  I had a chance to sit down and do some tuneswapping with the local musicians, alongside with the DCM (2nd in command to the Ambassador) of the US to South Korea, who had spent time here learning to play the Gayageum.  Today we did a recording for a studio audience back in Seoul… meaning Koreans in the present and future who were unable to see us live will be rocking out back in their own homes!  On another foodie note, they make an incredible drink here called Makgeolli – an unfiltered rice wine very low in alcohol with a ridiculous amount of yeast left in to shake up.  Great source of vitamin B!  It’s funky and delicious.  The next 2 days hold plentiful gigs, and we are so excited for them, but, we are feeling the wear and tear of the road and we can feel our long flight back to the US looming.  Until next time, check out this unbelievable video of HoJoon Lee playing a tune he showed me on his gayageum!

About The Earth Stringband

We are a Boston-based band that travels the Earth spreading groovy musical vibes.

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  1. I love hearing that you guys get some one on one time with local musicians. I think those will be those amazing connections you’ll never forget. I hope you bring one of those local instruments home to add to your collection.

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